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Jan. 03.
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Apr. 23.

Do you need scholarship to study abroad?

Bagi mahasiswa dan dosen UNP yang memerlukan informasi beasiswa nasional dan internasional silahkan klik link berikut.
1. Australia Award Scholarship (http://australiaawardsindo.or.id)
2. LPDP Scholarship (http://www.beasiswalpdp.org/index.html)

3. DIKTI Scholarship
a. Dalam Negeri (http://www.beasiswa.dikti.go.id/dn/)
b. Luar Negeri (http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id/ln/)

4. Turkey Government Scholarship (http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en)
5. General Cultural Scholarship India (http://www.iccrindia.net/gereralscheme.html)

6. USA Government Scholarship
a. (http://www.aminef.or.id/index.php)
b. (http://www.iief.or.id)

7. Netherland Government Scholarship (http://www.nesoindonesia.or.id/beasiswa)

8. Korean Government Scholarship (http://www.niied.go.kr/eng/contents.do?contentsNo=78&menuNo=349)

9. Belgium Government Scholarship (http://www.vliruos.be/4273.aspx)

10. Israel Government Scholarship (http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/abouttheministry/departments/pages/scholarships%20offered%20by%20the%20israeli%20government%20to.aspx)

11. Sciences Po France (http://formation.sciences-po.fr/en/contenu/the-emile-boutmy-scholarship)

12. Utrecht University Netherland (http://www.uu.nl/university/international-


13. Prasetya Mulya Business School Indonesia (http://www.pmbs.ac.id/s2/scholarship.php?lang=ENG)

14. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship (http://www.mofat.gov.bn/index.php/announcement)

15. Monbugakusho Scholarship Japan (http://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/sch.html)

16. Paramadina University Master Fellowship Indonesia (https://gradschool.paramadina.ac.id/in/graduate-school-fellowship/paramadina-medco-fellowship-2013.html)

17. PPM School of Management Indonesia (http://ppm-manajemen.ac.id/beasiswa-penuh-s2-mm-reguler/)

18. University of Twente Netherland (http://www.utwente.nl/internationalstudents/scholarshipsandgrants/all/uts/)

19. Sweden Government Scholarship (http://www.studyinsweden.se/Scholarships/)

20. Chinese Government Scholarship (http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/scholarshipdetailen.aspx?cid=97&id=1422)

21. Taiwan Government Scholarship (http://www.studyintaiwan.org/taiwan_scholarships.html)

22. United Kingdom Government SCholarship (http://www.chevening.org/indonesia/)

23. Panasonic Scholarship Japan (http://panasonic.net/citizenship/scholarships/pso/requirements/)

24. Ancora Foundation Scholarship (http://ancorafoundation.com)

25. Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship Japan (http://www.api-fellowships.org/body/)

26. AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship (http://www.seed-net.org/index.php)

27. Art Asia Major Scholarship Korea National University of Arts (http://eng.karts.ac.kr:81/karts/board/list.jsp?

28. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan (http://www.apu.ac.jp/home/life/index.php?content_id=30)

29. Seoul National University Korea (http://en.snu.ac.kr/apply/graduate/scholarships/before-application)

30. DIKTIS Overseas Scholarship (http://www.pendis.kemenag.go.id/beasiswaln/)

31. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan (http://hisf.or.jp/english/sch-f/)

32. IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (http://www.isdb.org/irj/portal/anonymous?NavigationTarget=navurl://c28c70fde436815fcff1257ef5982a08)

33. International HIV & Drug Use Fellowship USA (http://www.iasociety.org/fellowship.aspx)

34. Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Japan (http://www.nitori-shougakuzaidan.com/en/)

35. School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia (http://sgpp.ac.id/pages/financial-conditions)

36. Inpex Scholarship Foundation Japan

37. Asia University Taiwan (http://ciae.asia.edu.tw/AdmissionsScholarship.html)

38. Macquaire University Australia (http://www.mq.edu.au/future_students/international/scholarships_and_awards/macquarie_university_international_scholarships/)

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Apr. 23.

International Seminar on English Language and Teaching 2015

Third International Seminar on English Language and Teaching 2015,

Padang – Indonesia


The English Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts of Universitas Negeri Padang (FBS UNP) Padang will have the  3rd Annual International Seminar on English Language Teaching (SELT-3) on May 26-27, 2015 with the theme:

Shaping the New Trends of English Teaching and Studies

We kindly invite all English teachers, lecturers, and researchers from various institution to be one of the speakers in this seminar.

Call for Papers and Participants

We kindly invite experts, researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and students to present scientific papers under the scope of the general theme and participate in the seminar. The papers can be also related to the following sub-topics:

  • New Trends in English Language Teaching;
  • Linguistics and English Language Teaching;
  • Studies on English Linguistics;
  • Literature and English Language Teaching;
  • Studies on English Literature;

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Jeng-yih Tim Hsu, Ph.D. University Road Yanchao Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
  • Adrian Rogers, Ph.D., Ohio State University, Director of USINTEC, United States of America
  • Dr. Tan Bee Tin, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Dr. Baramee Kheovichai, Faculty of Arts Silpakorn University, Thailand
  • Prof. Dr. Putu Kerti Nitiasih, M.A. (Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha), Indonesia
  • Prof. Rusdi, M.A., Ph.D., Grad. Dipl. (Universitas Negeri Padang), Indonesia
  • Dr. Refnaldi, M.Litt. (Universitas Negeri Padang), Indonesia.
  • Ms. Juridah Mohd. Rashid (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Malaysia.

Abstract & Paper Submission

You are kindly invited to participate in this seminar. Please send us the abstract to committee.
Abstract rules:

  • Provide abstract with title, name of the writer, institution, email address, and mobile phone number
  • Abstract is written in English for about 200-250 words length
  • Key words 3-5 words
  • Use ms office word, times new roman 12, single space, rtf
Send abstract to: iselt2015@gmail.com and please cc to: hamzahhs@yahoo.com before 20 April 2015. The committee will announce the result of abstract selection on 27 April 2015. The selected presenters should submit full paper before 15 May 2015.

Full paper rules:

  • The full paper includes abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, and Bibliography
  • Full paper is written in English for about 7-10 pages length
  • Use ms office word, times new roman 12, single space, margin 4,4,3,3

Important dates

20 April ’15      : Abstract submission deadline
27 April ’15      : Abstract acceptance announcement
15 May ’15        : Full paper submission deadline
23 May  ’15       : Participant registration deadline
26-27 May ’15  : Conference days

Registration/Conference fee:

  • Speaker (with proceeding) Rp. 350.000
  • Participant (without proceeding)Rp. 250.000

Conference Facilities:

  •  Conference kit
  •  Proceeding (for speaker)
  •  Certificate
  •  Lunch and coffee break

Proceeding cost is Rp. 150.000 (with ISBN), for participant that wants to get the proceeding may reserve it through email to the committee.

download Brosur SELT 2015.compressed

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Apr. 09.

Northern Illinois University (NIU) tawarkan Program Peningkatan Kualitas Publikasi Internasional di NIU, Amerika

Northern Illinois University (NIU) Amerika Serikat menawarkan Program PKPI (Peningkatan Kualitas Publikasi Internasional) di Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University (NIU), Amerika Serikat bagi mahasiswa doktoral di Universitas Negeri Padang.Tawaran ini disampaikan oleh Dr. Judy Ledgerwood, Direktur Center for Southeast Asian Studies di NIU bagi mahasiswa doktoral di Universitas Negeri Padang untuk menjalani program PKPI di kampus NIU, Amerika Serikat.  Informasi ini disampaikan melalui Kantor Kerjasama Luar Negeri (KKLN) UNP.

Brosur dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris mengenai fasilitas dan pelatihan bagi calon peserta PKPI ketika menjalani program tersebut di NIU dapat diunduh pada situs ini.

Down load: