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Aug. 09.

Internasional Seminar and Journal

Sebagai bentuk dukungan terhadap peningkatan jumlah publikasi artikel  pada bidang-bidang inovasi teknologi dari peneliti Indonesia pada  jurnal terindex SCOPUS, Engineering Science and Technology Innovation  (ESTInnovation) Society bekerjasama dengan Program Studi Teknik  Elektro Universitas Kristen Petra dan Universitas Guna Darma  menyelenggarakan “1st International Conference on Engineering Science  and Technology innovation” (ICESTI 2014) pada tanggal 10-13 September  2014 di Bali (bertempat di Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta).

Semua makalah yang diterima pada ICESTI 2014 akan dipublikasikan pada  salah satu dari empat jurnal internasional terindex SCOPUS atau  ISI-Thomson berikut:

a.        Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1991-8178).
AJBAS is indexed by ISI-Thomson Reuters.
b.        Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1995-0772).
ANAS is indexed by Elsevier (SCOPUS).
c.        Applied Mechanics and Materials (AMM) (ISSN: 1660-9336).
AMM is indexed by Elsevier (SCOPUS).
d.        ARPN-Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1819-6608).
JEAS is indexed by Elsevier (SCOPUS)

Informasi lengkap dapat dilihat pada

Apr. 29.

The British Council has re-opened the call for workshop proposals under the Researcher Links initiative

The British Council has re-opened the call for workshop proposals under the
Researcher Links initiative. We are inviting Leading Researchers to propose themes
for bilateral workshops to be held in one of the 18 partner countries, which will
bring together early-career researchers to discuss their research and start to build
international relationships.

Successful workshops will receive funding, and the applicants (Leading Researchers)
will, with the exception of certain countries, be responsible for organising the
workshop. Some countries have priority areas, and only themes within these will be
considered. Please read the guidelines document for details.

Country list (2013-2014)

Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Columbia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico,
Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand,
Turkey and Vietnam.

Important Dates

Deadline for submissions - 9 June 2014.

Successful workshops must take place between 1 October 2014 and 1 March 2015


Leading Researchers are eligible to apply (see below). Applications must be made on
a bilateral basis between insitutions in the UK and a partner country and must be
led by two Leading Researchers; there is no restriction on nationality, however one
of the applicants must be UK-based, and the second must be based in one of the
partner countries identified above.

Leading Researcher is defined as being upper R3 and R4, as outlined by the EC in
Towards a European Framework for Research

The participants of the workshops must be early-career researchers, as defined
below, and must also be based in either the UK or one of the partner countries.

The term 'early career researcher' refers to researchers at the beginning of their
research careers. We would expect early career researchers to have been awarded
their PhD not more than 10 years prior to applying for to participate in a workshop,
but allowances can be made for career breaks or other extenuating circumstances. If
a researcher does not hold a PhD, but has research experience equivalent to a PhD
holder and works in a field where a PhD is not a pre-requisite for established
research activity, they will still be considered eligible.

For more information please visit the British Council website:

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural
relations and educational opportunities. We are a registered charity; 209131
(England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). We create international opportunities for
the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide.

This message is for the use of the intended recipient(s) only. If you have received
this message in error, please notify the sender and delete it. The British Council
accepts no liability for loss or damage caused by software viruses and you are
advised to carry out a virus check on any attachments contained in this message.

Mar. 04.

The International Seminar on the English Language Teaching (SELT) 2

English Department of FBS Universitas Negeri Padang will conduct The International Seminar on the English Language Teaching (SELT). The theme of this annual seminar is “Language Awareness on TEFL for Multilingual Leraners

Language awareness is an  explicit knowledge about language, and conscious perception and sensitivity in language learning, language teaching and language use. Becoming aware of the nuances and meanings of a language  one of part of  Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)  goals.  By increasing students’ language awareness, the students will be able to understand, appreciate and use the language coorectly.

This international seminar is conducted to discuss about  what the phrase ‘language awareness’ means, what role it plays in the language classroom (TEFL), and ways teachers can increase their students’ language awareness. Building language awareness also involves helping students gain a positive attitude toward English as foreign language.  By becoming conscious of strategies that can be used to learn the foreign language, students may become more active in and more responsible for their own learning.

The Seminar will be organized under the theme: “Language Awareness on TEFL for Multilingual Leraners”.

We kindly invite experts, researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and students to present scientific papers under the scope of the general theme and participate in the seminar. The papers can be also related to the following sub-topics:

  1. Linguistic background and language awareness for Indonesian learners
  2. Teaching literature and language awareness for multilingual learners
  3. Media and Instructional Design on TEFL for multilingual learners
  4. Methods and techniques for the success of language awareness in TEFL
  5. Applicable researches supporting the success of language awareness in TEFL
  6. ESP and language awareness in TEFL

 Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Kristina Love, Ph.D. (Australia)
  • Assistant Prof. Dr. Kamonpan Boonkit,  (Thailand)
  • Associate Prof. Arshad Ab Samad (Malaysia)
  • Dr. Maria Luisa C. Sadorra* (Singapore)
  • Dr. Desmawati Radjab,M.Pd. (Indonesia)
  • Dr. Kurnia Ningsih, M.A. (Indonesia)

*In confirmation

Abstract & paper submission

You are kindly invited to participate in this seminar. Please send us the abstract to committee.

Abstract rules:

  • Provide abstract with title, name of the writer, institution, email address, and mobile phone number
  • Abstract is written in English for about 200-250 words length
  • Key words 3-5 words
  • Use ms office word, times new roman 12, single space, rtf

Send abstract to: and please cc to: and before 10 April 2014.

Full paper rules:

  • The full paper includes title, author (s), institution, email,  abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclussion, and Bibliography
  • Full paper is written in English for about 7-10 pages length
  • Use ms office word, times new roman 12, single space, margin 4,4,3,3

Important dates

  • 27 April 2014     : Abstract submission closes
  • 30 April 2014     : Abstract acceptance announcement
  • 15 Mei 2014        : Full paper submission closes
  • 31 Mei 2014        : Participant registration closes
  • 11-12 June 2014 : Conference days



Conference fee:

  • Speaker (with proceeding) Rp. 400.000
  • Participant (without proceeding)Rp. 300.000

Conference facilities:

  • Conference kit
  • Proceeding (for speaker)
  • Certificate
  • Lunch and coffee break

Proceeding cost is Rp. 150.000 (with ISBN), for participant that wants to get the proceeding may reserve it through email to the comittee

Mode of payment

Conference fee should be transfered to

Bank BNI Kantor Cabang padang

Acc No            : 0291874850

Acc name        : Aryuliva Adnan

Please mail the copy of the receipt to : and please cc to:  and before 31 May 2014

Download brosur Brochure SELT 2014.