Nov. 10.

University Utara Malaysia visited Universitas Negeri Padang

Students from University Utara Malaysia visited Universitas Negeri Padang on November 6, 2013. Vice Rector for Partnership and Asset Affairs, Dr. Ardipal, M.Pd. welcome the students at Senate Meeting Room of Universitas Negeri Padang.

Vice Rector said that this program will increase the partnership program between UNP and UUM as we have MoA between Economic Faculty of UNP and UUM. Meancwhile the delegation from UUM, Eliza said that we chose UNP because UNP has good achievement as it is awarded as 50 promising university in Indonesia in 2011.

In the meeting President of UNP Students Executive Board also attended the meeting and discussed with the UUM students about some program that can be conducted together and sharing their experience. This meeting was also attended by Dual Degree students from Faculty of Economics of UNP. Dual Degree program is a program that is conducted in collaboration between UNP and UUM. (HA 2263).

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