About UNP

Universitas Negeri Padang Padang is a state university owned by the government. It is situated at Jalan Prof. Dr. Hamka Air Tawar Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia.

Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) Ministry of National Education (now Ministry of Education and Culture) has recently released a list of 50 Promising Indonesian Universities. In thisĀ  list, there are 28 public universities (PTN) and 22 private colleges (PTS). One of them is the State University of Padang (UNP)

The State University of Padang (UNP) is the result of conversion of IKIP Padang, which was originally called the College of Teacher Education (PTPG). It was established on 1 September 1954. UNP has undergone many changes. In the history of its development, the changes is not only on the name and place or the position of this campus, but also status and educational programs are developed. It is in accordance with the policy to meet the demands of the development of education in the country.

These changes can be classified into five periods, namely periods PTPG Batusangkar, FKIP Andalas University Bukittinggi at Batusangkar, period FKIP Andalas University Padang, period of branch IKIP Jakarta in Padang, IKIP Padang period and now period of UNP.

Rectrorate Building of UNP

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