Living in Padang


Kota Padang

UNP is located in Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Padang is famous with Rendang, beef curry that is considered as the most delicious food in the world, and also with culture and nice view. With its slogan “beloved city”.

Padang is the best choice in learning Indonesian culture, and bahasa as the people in Padang speak Minangkabauness that really close to Bahasa Indonesia.

Many people think that it is very hard to live in a new country at the first time, but Padang is very easy to make friend with. Living in Padang means you live in the past and the future. The government is giving so much effort to preserve the tradition as well as develop the city into modernity. You will find Padang people are friendly to everyone especially to foreigner as Minangkabau tradition encourages us to be polite to everyone we meet.

Many cultural tourism resorts you can visit in Padang.

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