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Apr. 14.

9 Students of Deakin University Studied in UNP

Nine students from Deakin University had finished their visit in UNP. These students stayed in Padang for one and half months to study bahasa Indonesia at Bahasa Indonesia Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts UNP. Beside studying bahasa Indonesia, they also learned some Minangkabau culture, such as, cooking traditional food, traditional dance, traditional games.
This program was coordinated by Dra. Emidar, M.Pd. (former chairperson of Indonesian Department). These students also had chance to visit some beautiful and historical places in West Sumatra. Here some of their activities.

Membatik    Membatik    Menari  

Membatik                                                                                                                   learning dancing

Game Tradisional   Game Tradisional    Kebun Teh       

playing Traditional Game                   Tea garden                                                                                     learning batik
Berfoto di Depan Jam Gadang    Air Terjun Lembah Anai     Panorama

Jam Gadang (clock tower)    Anay valley                                           with the lecturer

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